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Since 1982

The Standard in

Sound Absorbing Ceiling Tiles

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After 85 years of installations, it's still around and you'll find it right here!
We started drilling these popular Sound Absorbing Mineral Fiber Tiles 39 years
ago AND there's no stopping
us now. 


  • Schools

  • Hospitals

  • Office Buildings

  • Hotels

  • General Construction

  • Sound Stages

  • Recording Rooms/Studios

  • Boat Cabins

  • Computer Rooms

  • Interview Areas

  • Open Space Offices

  • Anywhere sound absorbing is a factor


You Will

Hear the


Each hole drilled absorbs 100 times its weight in noise

We Are Green

We specialize in drilling Armstrong's eco-friendly mineral fiber tiles, offering a superior high sound absorption value. Our tiles are lightweight and easy to install. Our 12" x 12" tiles are biodegradable.

We Are Made in USA

We drill our acoustic tiles daily at our new factory in the California desert and ship anywhere in the world. Our quality products have been used worldwide for over 85 years.

We Are Economical

Other products might be more esthetic, but they produce much less in sound absorption than our original "Classic" drilled tiles and are typically not as cost-effective. We invite you to compare our prices for your project.

Inventory, Service and Safety First

No job is too big. We have a warehouse full of tiles and a professional, experienced staff ready to help you with your next project. Contact us today to get started.

In 2010 (after almost 74 years of production) our machine has been refurbished and is now drilling 5 days a week, all year long.

Quality product and more inventory in stock is our commitment to you.
Our modern facility in Indio, California is open and ready to conveniently ship anywhere from coast-to-coast.
Or, anywhere in the world.
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