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We specialize in drilling Armstrong blank fiber tiles to one of the highest rated "noise" reduction replacement ceiling tiles for schools, government building, interrogation/court rooms, military barracks, health facilities, studios and sound stages.  Whether new construction, replacement, refurbished projects or to simply re-capture that "retro" look we've got your ceilings covered for another 75 years!

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It's all about the "QUIET"

Each hole drilled absorbs 100 times it's weight in noise.  Other products might be more esthetic, but they produce much less in sound absorption than our original "Classic" Drilled Tiles.   

Shipped Nationwide and Globally

Eco Friendly Mineral Fiber.  Offering a superior high sound absorption value.     

Visit us and find the quiet your BUILDING or project is looking for! 

still DRILLING - After 75 Years!

 Celebrating with a NEW factory location in CALIFORNIA                                                                            

Class A Flame Spray Rating   


Shipped Worldwide